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Redding is such a beautiful city. The extensive trails and Sacramento river, artsy and historical buildings, developed neighborhoods that are beautifully landscaped, all surrounded by tree-filled mountains. We have a strong heritage in cooperation and stewarding our resources well. Our larger population has not detracted from the warm sense of community and working together that is a foundational strength in Redding. The local business owner is supported, works collaboratively and is championed here. Our city is a wonderful place to live and to raise a family.

Redding LIFE community members are intentional about supporting the good of Redding. We are invested in our city…every person, every family, every neighborhood, every business, every segment of this place we call home.  We believe that each person is uniquely significant and important for the overall health and vitality of our city. Together we uphold and protect what has made us strong, and move into a future that is bright and full of hope.

Thank you for your participation in the good things taking place in our city.   Redding LIFE – Leaders, Investors, Friends and Encouragers who care about our city.  Come and take your place in Redding Life.

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NorCal United Way


Redding neighborhood watch


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