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When you bring up the word “serve” it can cause a lot of people to cringe because, when it comes to volunteering for others, it can sound like work that doesn’t pay. Although that has been going on there are many groups in communities and religious organizations that have grasped a different mindset about what it looks like to serve.

For me when I was asked to serve either in the church or in the community I always felt that it was more of a duty that I had to do and because of that I approached the whole thing with the wrong attitude. Since I saw it as a duty, I felt like I was earning some sort of merit by doing those things instead of doing it out of a pure heart to just serve and bring life. What I didn’t realize is that instead of being a blessing while serving I was actually being a burden.

Luckily God is so gracious in the way he deals with us and our shortcomings. He sees what we are going through and handcrafts a plan just for each and every one of us. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

Now through a series of revelations, I have found out that serving is, in fact, the highest form of worship I can give to God. Now when I am asked to serve or approach a situation where I can serve I no longer see it as a duty but rather something that I get to do that will forever leave ripples into eternity.  I get to be a part of the solutions that I want to see the most.  I get to become a part of the good things happening in my city.

We can approach the way we serve our city with this same mindset. It is such a privilege to help others and when we do it from a renewed mindset we actually create an atmosphere that creates life. We are all created with the purpose of bringing life wherever we go! I encourage you to seek out that revelation and serve from a place that brings life to you and the people around you!