Over the course of my life, I have found my “I will never” becomes “done that”, especially in regards to my future. I was never going to move to California because it was going to fall off into the ocean and a lot of weird people live there… done that.  I was never going to teach Kindergarten or High School (too young and too old)… done that and that. I was also never going to be an administrator… done that.

When we say we are never going to try or do something new or different, we put limits on our life and on what God has planned for us.  In the above three examples, when my “I will never” became “done that”, my life was enriched; I became a better teacher, and a hidden talent and passion of mine was released.  

Since I wanted to come to a school in Redding, there was no other option but to move to California.  Funny enough, I have since fallen in love with its beauty and its people.  Because a Kindergarten teaching position was the only job offer I received, I had to say yes.  I ended up loving the kids but also gained a better understanding of the foundation of early learning, which in turn made me a better teacher when I taught older grades.

We are uniquely and beautifully made to not only fit into this world but to bring something into it no one else brings. I became a better teacher and was able to better educate many children because I once taught Kindergarten. I have a new place I call home which has enhanced my life with its beauty and the amazing people I am meeting each day.

Thankfully, God always knows what I need and puts me into roles and places that grow me and make me a better me.  From now on, when I am about to say, “I will never,” I pause and think, ‘Well, just maybe” because who knows what hidden purpose might be behind that door.